Principal's message




In the 21st century, technology has assumed significance in all walks of life. The polytechnic colleges are faced with the momentous task of gearing up the existing technical expertise to keep pace with emerging technical colleges in a globally competitive world. 
            A modern Polytechnic College for all practical purposes is like an in house industry and it must gear up to face the new challenge of future for better service to mankind. The new challenge posed to the Polytechnic Colleges demand breaking innovation beyond class-room teaching and input constrained output. These challenges may be overcome by having more industry institute interactions, which will improve the status of Polytechnic College. Wherever we go people express their very genuine concern regarding fast expansion of technical education and non-availability of jobs. It is a very difficult task to answer as the scenario which is emerging is quite confusing at this point of time. But the hope is that this vast pool of qualified young generation would itself be a tremendous force which creates job opportunities. To gives push to this force in positive direction the technical institutes would have to tighten their belts and work hard to improve level of the education they provide. 
            I am sure that our College will help both the industry and our students to get gainful employment requisite information.                                                        

Sh. Sandeep Kumar, Principal